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Welcome to our ordering page, where convenience meets customization! Here, you can easily select from our range of products or services and tailor your order to suit your exact needs.

Date and time

The price of custom cakes is dependent on several different factors such as the size of the cake, flavors and fillings, buttercream versus fondant and vice versa, how much detail on the cake, and how many elements needed, etc.

As hard as it is for us to do, we are forced to turn down many, MANY cakes each and every day and because of this, all custom orders must be paid, in full at least 7 days prior to your due date. We do require, at least, 25% down at the time you place your order. If your order is not paid in full as stated above, we will be forced to drop it and take another order.

We will get as close to your picture as we possibly can. Please understand that if you send in a picture of a fondant cake but want buttercream instead, it will look different. Due to the nature of the medium, exact color matches cannot and will not be guaranteed. If a certain color is desired, you will need to provide a 2”X2” swatch of the solid color you are wanting and it must be hand delivered to Drago Sisters Bakery. We will come as close as possible using your specified medium. If you choose to email a swatch, we will come as close as possible to the printed color but please understand, every printer is different and it may differ from the color you are wanting.

If you cancel your order and have paid for it by credit card or debit card, and have canceled within the time limit as specified above we will charge 8% to pay for both the original charge and the credit issued.

Also, if you are not here to pick up your order by closing time, we will charge a $25.00 fee for every fifteen minutes past 5:00 p.m. that we have to stay. If you fail to pick up your order on Saturday and we have to come in on Sunday to give you your order, there will be a $50.00 fee for having to come in to open up our bakery. We will ask what time you would want to pick up your order and will again charge $25.00 for every 15 minutes past your specified pickup time.



We are so very thankful for the many custom cake orders we receive daily. Right now, we are booking out at 10 to 14 days in advance. Orders are taken first paid, first made so the earlier you place and pay for your order, the better.

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