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Welcome To Drago Sisters

We offer great range of custom cakes, pies and different flavored and different bite-size pastries

One of Drago Sisters custom birthday cakes
About Us

The Taste You Need,
For Your Pleasure

Drago Sisters Bakery was established in 2010 by two very talented sisters, Diana and Doreen Drago. The Sisters have gone on to bigger and better things and the present owner wishes them all the luck in the world.

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Awesome Menu

Bakery For Lovely People

Custom Birthday Cakes

Make every birthday celebration unforgettable with our exquisite custom birthday cakes. Crafted with love and creativity, our cakes are more than just desserts

One of our holiday cakes cakes

Custom Speciality Cakes

Elevate your celebrations with our exquisite custom speciality cakes, meticulously crafted to perfection just for you

A Drago Sister's Bakery wedding cake
One of Drago Sisters custom party cakes

Custom Wedding Cakes

Celebrate your special day with a touch of personalization! Our custom wedding and anniversary services are designed to make your milestone moments truly unforgettable.

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Our custom cookies
our custom football team cookies

Made by Hand with Big Love

Explore our wide range of baked goods, lovingly crafted with the finest ingredients and an extra dash of love.

A beautiful all white wedding cake from Drago Sisters
A batch of our custom cookies
Some of our custom cake pops
Custom Design

Order Your Custom Design

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